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Treatment of actinomycosis is carried out by intramuscular and subcutaneous administration of actinolysate. Together with this, antibiotic therapy is carried out, aimed at suppressing the accompanying flora and preventing secondary infection. Like any chronic infection, actinomycosis requires additional detoxification and restorative therapy.

There is no specific prevention of actinomycosis. Nonspecific prevention includes hygiene, prevention of skin injury, timely dental treatment, inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity, tonsils, respiratory organs and gastrointestinal tract.

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Actinomycosis: varieties, manifestations, diagnosis, treatment.

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Zestril (another name is radiant-fungal disease) is a chronic pathology, the occurrence of which is provoked by different types of actinomycetes.

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With actinomycosis, the damage to various organs and tissues consists in the formation of compacted infiltrates, which after a while suppurate with the appearance of fistulas (pathological passages), as well as a specific lesion of the skin around them.

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    Etiology. Excitation characteristicsreader. Most often, actinomycosis is caused by such types of pathogen: Actinomyces Israeli; Actinomyces bovis; Actinomyces albus; Actinomyces violaceus. Actinomycetes are characterized by sensitivity to such antibiotics as:

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